She’s Like The Brightest Star

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… “This is crazy!! .” I stressed. “Your becoming bent on knowing her name as if that’ll justify your idolizing her is a bit over the top, don’t you think?”

“The lines aligned, the stars crossed and it all makes sense. She makes sense.” He replied as if he was in a trance.

“Sense!! How?” I persisted.

“Her name is important because it is the coefficient that screams her beauty. It is the crown she wears. Her birthright.” He explained.

“I see. Surely you know emotions are antagonistic to clear reason. And that your craziness is rather saddening… Won’t it be better to hold on to something substantial.. Like, I don’t know, her characters” I retorted.

“Her characters!? Well, my friend, we have been saying the same thing all along. And…”

“The same thing!!” I cut him short before he could finish. “How on Allah’s green earth is name and.. and character the same thing?”

“Elementary, ” He grinned. “Sirius is the brightest star, you know.” He added. “It’s fibres ignite to produce the brightest light, a luminous energy. So when we discovered a star with this fine quality, a beautiful name was ascribe.”

“But a person is only praiseworthy if he bears the weight of the crown (name) he wears” I interjected.

“Yes. And she does that beautifully” he said.

“Well,” I said “we both know that it’s the beautiful birds that get caged.” We both laughed.


Abu A’ish Mk Albani

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This post has 77 reads


Author: Abu A'ish Mk Albani

First of all, I've decided to become as light as the feather stumbling into airbags of eccentricities, every now and then. But not to find a direction.. No. The only direction there is, is plain and beautiful like our monolithic blue sky. But I'd love to leave a mark. Not on the things I touch.. No. But the things I've been prudent enough to let them touch me. Secondly, sorry!!

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