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I, Abu A’ish, am calling in all the stars to finnese the constellation that would make all eyes to converge. Because Kasuwan Mata, Muda Lawan, Wunti Market and Central Market would easily swallow the intimidating Bermuda Triangle.


Let me begin, Bauchi is located at an elevated landscape where the spotlight focus its attention. The rocks welcome you almost in the same spirit that the glaring officers at checkpoints welcome you. These checkpoints are located intermittently after few miles. Our Driver simply says “Morn sir!!” and they let us pass whilst putting on a boss’ face like Scary Movie 2. And I heard Usman Adamu (Dan China) promise he’s going to make this giant stones erupt gold and diamonds. I hope Muhammad Abdullah Abubakar will transcend that.


You want a glimpse of Dubai, come see Jifatu. And some of the ATBU student graciously sip their knowledge near the famous Gubi Dam (Permanent site) and others sip there’s in Yalwa (Old Phase) . The roads spread like branches taking you to Gwallaga, State Low-cost, Azare, Gwallameji, Kari, Federal Poly. But the one I took on 26th of Oct, 2017 with my dearest friend, Sani Sulaiman Ali led me to their house at the heart of Fadaman Mada. There, I became a guest where I received hospitality that even the Egyptian Kings will undoubtedly envy. I’m much grateful to my host who went above and beyond.. Jazakumullahu Khayran.


Bauchi is painted by many legends such as Bala Wunti, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, Sa’ad Zungur, Muda Lawan etc


And as a building student, I’m programmed to appreciate beautiful structures. And I did just that when I saw GRA (Old & New): The aesthetics entailed, the feelings bonded between blocks and the traces left by Julius Berger. And, of course the famous Yankari, which, sadly I didn’t get the chance to visit this time around.


But that’s not the most beautiful thing there. The PEOPLE there are first class. If being nice was a crime then the people of Bauchi would have been locked up in Alcatraz a long time ago. And I met up with my old friends after 17 years: Abdurrahman, Abubakar, Umar on 28th Oct 2017. We connected easily and talked about our conquest back in the days. Because believe me, we owned the streets in the 90s (even though I was about 3years old).


There’s much to say but I’ll end by quoting John Green: “I cannot tell you how thankful I am for our little infinity. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. You gave me a forever within the numbered days, and I’m grateful.” I’m very much grateful to Bauchi, to its beautiful people especially those I encountered. 


This post has 125 reads


Author: Abu A'ish Mk Albani

First of all, I've decided to become as light as the feather stumbling into airbags of eccentricities, every now and then. But not to find a direction.. No. The only direction there is, is plain and beautiful like our monolithic blue sky. But I'd love to leave a mark. Not on the things I touch.. No. But the things I've been prudent enough to let them touch me. Secondly, sorry!!

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