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We understand the passion flowing through the veins of people in creative writing and the urge to share and that is where we come in. Because let’s face it, we won’t exist without you writers. What will we do all day long, stare at an empty webpage?

With inspirations drawn from the society around us provided to you by us, helpful tips on writing and a chance to eventually get monetary reward for it, Safari Reads aims at making the atmosphere an infinitely conducive one so the inks can flow…or the fingers can type rather.

We would love for you to imagine yourself when writing here to be on a beach on a sunny beautiful day, listening to the sound of tides slapping against the cool, wet rocks and the birds as they chirp away… and that is why we would love you to have a great writing experience here on the site. In case you have any complaint, issue or input, kindly inform the team.

Our team is dedicated to making your time as enjoyable as possible and completely worth it.

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This post has 183 reads


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